Stories About Falling ‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Don’t Tell The Whole Story

12.21.16 3 years ago 14 Comments

Ratings for this season of The Walking Dead are down across the board. Granted, the season premiere was the second highest-rated episode of the series run, but the AMC drama has been in a free-fall ever since, or so many of us in the media would have you believe. It is true that overnight ratings for The Walking Dead have fallen from 17 million viewers a week to around 11 million viewers as of the season finale, before DVR viewership is accounted for. It is also true that ratings for The Walking Dead have fallen to levels on par with season four. What is not being said, however, were how monstrous ratings in season four were.

The narrative this season, however, is what’s wrong with The Walking Dead to cause such a huge drop in ratings. We’re all guilty of this. Some of us blame Negan. I blame the stand-alone episodes that take too much attention away from the characters we most want to see. Clearly, a unfavorable reviews from both critics and audiences have contributed to the ratings erosion this season.

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