Steve Harvey Stares On Aghast As Kellie Pickler Melts Down On ‘Family Feud’

There have been theories floating around the internet for years now that Steve Harvey has slowly lost his mind thanks to hosting Family Feud. In fact, Steve Harvey himself has become a phrase to use when someone makes a horrible mistake at an awards show. Maybe Steve Harvey is slowly losing his mind; it slowly oozing out from his ears every time his producers push him towards more inane chatter and sexual innuendo. Perhaps his fate is akin to that of an effigy burned of him and he’ll transcend space and time, moving to an ethereal realm where he can be at peace for once.

That hasn’t happened yet, though, which means for now Steve Harvey inhabits our corporeal realm where Family Feud has a version hosting celebrities. This episode of Celebrity Family Fued features country musician Kellie Pickler and Lance Bass, where they were asked a question soaked in the thinnest layer of innuendo. The question in particular was a simple one; they asked 100 women to name something specific that only their man could do to their behinds. Yes, you are absolutely reading that correctly. The writers for the show are simply sadists at this point, looking to create more viral moments with whatever is left of Steve Harvey before he is taken from our foolish realm filled with foolish people.

It was then, when poised to give an answer that Kellie and Lance slammed their palms down with reckless abandon, looking to hoodwink the other out of the opportunity to answer a question filthy enough to make a midwestern housewife blush, but tame enough to keep the censors away. With fury both musicians reached for their buzzers, only for Kellie to miss, which prompted her to jump around while Harvey looked on, aghast. What have they done?

Apologize to Steve Harvey, America. Look at what we’ve done to him. This man was once proud, now he’s watching as even a large red buzzer protruding from a podium in front of gel lighting isn’t enough anymore. For he controls not the size of the buzzers or the lewdness of the questions, only the blue-and-yellow cards that are handed to him.