Find Out Why This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Wants To ‘Pee All Over’ Her Ex

We all know how Family Feud works by now. Steve Harvey asks a borderline salacious question, or even a reasonably innocent-sounding question that practically demands a salacious answer, like, “name something that gets limp when it gets cold,” then acts completely gobsmacked when the contestant does, in fact, offer a salacious answer.

Keeping that in mind, here are three things to take into consideration:

1. The question here is: “Name something of an ex’s that a person might pee on for revenge.” That is the actual question. This is either peak Family Feud — like, we have truly entered the renaissance of smutty Family Feud — or else Family Feud is just scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point. I honestly cannot tell which. Also, is this like a normal thing? People peeing on their ex’s stuff? I’ve heard of setting an ex’s things on fire, which is crazy, but not unheard of. But pee? Are these women like cats spraying their scent to mark their territory to ward off other women? I’m at a loss, here.

2. The first thing that comes to this woman’s mind is, “You know what, Steve? I’m gonna pee all over… HIM!” The actual man, himself? Because, lady, I have seen some videos on the internet… and let me tell you, “revenge” is not usually the motivating factor in these types of situations.

3. Annnnd, ladies and gentlemen, “their body/face” is, in fact, on the board. Please do not ever change, Family Feud. Not ever.