Watch These ‘Family Feud’ Contestants Try Their Darndest Not To Say The Word For The Male Anatomy

On an episode of Family Feud this week, contestants were asked the very reasonable question from 100 single women: “Name something you’d hate to see fall out of your date’s underwear?” Maybe it’s just me because I’ve been away from the dating scene for awhile now, but ladies, just how common an occurrence is this? Also, is this supposed to be during a moment of pre-coitus or just like, while you’re sitting at Applebee’s waiting for your cheeseburger eggrolls? So many questions.

Tasha, the young woman tasked with presenting an answer, was likewise not enthused about the question, telling Steve, “My grandma’s in the audience, but… a fake member?” Okay. First of all, why would you bring your grandmother to Family Feud? Everyone knows it’s smutty now. Everyone knows it! Second of all, “a fake member” was not even on the board.

Next up was Tasha’s brother, who answered, “Well, she said the fake one, I guess, uhh… you wouldn’t want the real one just falling out, either.” Incredibly, that answer wasn’t there, either, which made both parties’ attempts to avoid saying the word “penis” completely in vain. As for the answers that did make it were “poo/day-old turd” and “slightly-used condom.” I have no idea what rounded out the other four answers and I don’t think I want to.