Uh, Did This Guy On ‘Family Feud’ Accidentally Just Reveal An S&M Fetish?

As we’ve seen time and time again, the modern, Steve Harvey incarnation of Family Feud relies on a very successful, tried and true formula of asking contestants ridiculously loaded questions, then soliciting their even more loaded answers to have Steve Harvey make funny faces and react as if this is his first damn time hosting Family Feud. In a nutshell: brilliant.

So it was pretty much business as usual in this clip that aired this week, when Steve Harvey asked a contestant named Beth: “Name something some people like to have on when they’re making love.” On the board were already answers such as music, lingerie, cologne, and — I quote — “THROBBIN’ HOOD,” whatever that means, so Beth came up with: “Well, you know… props. Like handcuffs?”

Not an unreasonable answer given the circumstances, but Steve Harvey gonna Steve Harvey, so he made a playful dig at Beth’s extremely dorky looking, bespectacled, bow tie-wearing husband Tripp, who responded, “That is what I’m talkin’ bout, Steve! That’s always my answer!” And then, to an agonizing second of dead silence: “I like to feel vulnerable!”

Really, there’s only one way to respond to Tripp’s suggestion of what, exactly, might be going on behind closed doors at Beth and Tripp’s picket fenced home in white bread suburbia. From one bow tie aficionado to another: