Steve Harvey Called This His All-Time ‘Favorite Answer’ On ‘Family Feud’

A classic Family Feud clip needs three things:

1) Likable contestants
2) A dirty answer to an innocent question
3) Steve Harvey losing his goddamn mind

The video below is three-for-three. Kevin and his wife Ryan are my favorite Family Feud couple of all-time (check) because, after Steve Harvey asks, “What’s the last thing you stuck your finger in?” Kevin replies, “My wife, Steve” (check). She high-fives her husband, and not only does Steve lose his goddamn mind (check and mate), he also calls it “my favorite answer of all-time.”

When it’s Ryan’s turn, Harvey looks over at Kevin, who quickly counters, “No, sir.” She still should’ve said what we were all thinking. It would have been a much better response than “ear/my cat’s ear,” which is apparently the third most popular thing people stick their finger in.

People are disgusting. Except for Kevin, Ryan, and Steve. They’re national treasures.