Here Are The Worst Answers Ever Offered By ‘Family Feud’ Contestants

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been a fan of Family Feud for a long time, dating back to the days of Richard Dawson, the old mouth-kisser himself, and Ray Combs all the way through the current version hosted by Steve Harvey. Hell, I even watched some of the Louie Anderson-hosted episodes, and that sh*t was terrible. It’s just one of those shows that if I’m flipping channels and run across it I just have to stop and watch it. I can’t help myself.

With that said, almost all my life I’ve been waiting for someone conducting a survey for Family Feud — the surveys contestants on the show are asked to guess the top responses to — to contact me to take part in one, but that has sadly yet to happen. So I’m using the UPROXX platform to put out a call here and now: Yo people who conduct surveys for Family Feud — HOLLA AT YOUR BOY!

Now enjoy this supercut of the worst answers ever given by Family Feud contestants. They’re so bad it’s virtually impossible not to feel better about yourself after watching it.

(HT: The Clearly Dope)