‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Are Not Taking A Certain Betrayal With Much Sympathy

Contributing Writer


Oh Eugene, where did it all go wrong? For the past several episodes of The Walking Dead, we’ve all been assuming that everyone’s favorite mullet-wearing genius was secretly plotting against Negan, or at the very least only working with him enough to not get his head bashed in by Lucille. But in episode seven, ‘Time for After’ we learned that Eugene is Negan through and through. He’s chosen sides, and that side is with the Saviors.

The fact that he’s doing this for somewhat moral reasons (to save all the workers inside Sanctuary) didn’t save him from getting absolutely savaged by fans of The Walking Dead on social media. Who would have thought at the start of the season that nearly halfway through we’d be loving Father Gabriel and hating Eugene? Yet here we are. People are definitely hating Eugene.

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