The Fat Jew Promises ‘To Make Things Right’ In A Strangely Positive Interview With ‘Today’

The Fat Jew keeps on truckin’ despite all the fallout from his rapid demise. Somehow, he nearly forged a career from his tweeted jokes until he was exposed for plagiarism. Mr. Josh Ostrovsky even had interns working for him, which is an amazing detail and a sign of his positive self worth. However, the mighty quickly fell when Comedy Central dropped his show. Ostrovsky maintained his delusion in a Vulture interview but still lost his swanky CAA agent.

Twitter can’t stand Ostrovsky, but someone must still be on his side. Perhaps Rob Schneider took pity and has some connections. Ostrovsky sat down with Today for a wholly positive interview. Instead of asking The Fat Jew why he lied, journo Sheinelle Jones asked, “Where did you get ‘The Fat Jewish’?” The answer, quite simply, is that Ostrovsky is both Jewish and (according to him) fat.

Jones missed an opportunity to go in deep with The Fat Jew, but no worries. They enjoyed a spa visit instead. Jones eventually asked, “What do you do when people are like, ‘Ah, you took my stuff?'” In response, Ostrovsky shrugged and said, “The internet is like a giant jacuzzi, you know what I mean? There’s all kinds of germs, we’re sharing everything.”

Ostrovsky finally promised, “I’m gonna make it right.”

(via Today)