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Here’s the trailer (video below) for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” which debuts on ABC March 26th. Oliver is the English chef who focuses on healthier diets with fewer processed foods and who ran a campaign to overhaul school lunches in the United Kingdom. In “Food Revolution,” he takes his healthy-eating outlook to Huntington, West Virginia, which is supposedly the unhealthiest city in America.

I really have to give ABC credit for putting together a compelling trailer. Within the first minute, I loathed everyone in Huntington and wanted them to all to go into diabetic comas and have their feet amputated. The fat bastards really seem to take pride in eating processed crap, and they have no qualms serving pizza for breakfast to children who can’t even identify tomatoes.

Of course, since it’s family-oriented ABC, the narrative demands that people undergo a heartwarming change. So by the end of the video, you get the feeling that Oliver has transformed a town of husky skeptics into organic foodies. Which of course isn’t true. As soon as the cameras left they went right back to mainlining gravy.

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