Dads Showcase Their Father’s Day Rap Skills On ‘Fallon’ With The Results You Imagine

Dads are a goofy breed and now they can boast their own equally goofy anthem. Well, “boast” might be a strong word.

At the request of The Tonight Show, assorted dads recorded themselves performing a “Father’s Day Dad Rap” crafted by Tariq (a.k.a. Black Thought) of The Roots. The end product isn’t exactly a masterclass put on by elite MCs (most of these dudes look like “Super Bowl Shuffle” was the last rap cut they’ve listened to), but that’s not the point, now is it? This is a celebration of the lovable corniness that dads bring to the table and their steadfast belief in treating barbecue responsibilities with the utmost of respect.

Clocking in at a tidy two minutes, it’s a clip filled with an inexplicable amount of sunglasses and silly hat use, a healthy number of BabyBjörn sightings and a baby in a car seat that seems to be feeling the hip-hop performance provided by their pops. It’s maximum dad and you can give it a gander by hitting play on that magical video box at the top of the post.

If you’re in need of more dad anthems, check out our “Most Dad Songs” Father’s Day playlist. No prizes for guessing that Bob Seger makes an appearance.