‘Fear The Walking Dead’ May Have One Big Advantage Over ‘The Walking Dead’

Features Editor
07.10.15 12 Comments


“When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

That’s a line from the first full official trailer of Fear the Walking Dead, but viewers of the show had better hope that isn’t the case, lest this prequel series from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman turn into little more than The Walking Dead: Pacific.

Not that more Walking Dead would be an abomination — Kirkman and the team over at the mothership have shown a deft touch deconstructing our pre-installed civility and reinstalling our more primal urges. The weak and human suffer, the strong and feral survive in that world. It’s brutal and there’s constant loss and an absence of hope even as the main survivors inhabit the closest thing to nirvana they’re ever going to find. You may not agree, but a lot of viewers (and myself) think it’s a high-level drama. But Fear The Walking Dead might actually be more interesting if it focuses on the spread of the zombie plague and shows how people react—not when all hope is lost, but when confusion and fear conspire to take hold as everything crumbles around them and they fight like mad to keep a handle on the quickly evaporating hope they have left.

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