The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Addresses The Race Controversy

09.01.15 4 years ago 73 Comments

Way back in the beginning of The Walking Dead, that show faced a lot of criticism over the fact that — for a while, anyway — it only seemed to have one or two black characters at any given time, and those black characters were the the ones that the show kept killing off. It felt, to some, like The Walking Dead was rotating token black characters.

That show has since remedied that issue. Black characters continue to die on The Walking Dead, but that’s because the percentage of black characters on the show now is so high that killing black actors off is practically unavoidable. In fact, The Walking Dead has really done a good job of diversifying its cast over the course of the series.

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead also boasts a fairly diverse cast. About half the cast is non-white. However, there is a troubling pattern on the show, so far, through two episodes. (SPOILERS) The last three characters on the show who have died and turned into zombies? They’ve all been black. More disconcerting, perhaps, is that — until Colman Domingo shows up on the series — they have been the only black characters on the sow with any notable screen time.

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