Highlights And Questions For This Week’s Terrific ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Fear the Walking Dead continued its streak of solid episodes this week with “Blood in the Street.” The series has gained some momentum, and it’s improving every week, as the existing characters continue to develop in intriguing ways and new, compelling characters get introduced. We met a number of new characters this week, some of whom may stick around for a while (and in the case of Luis, hopefully for seasons to come). The details on Victor Strand’s backstory were also filled in, and a new threat was introduced: A Negan-like pirate named Connor.

Here were the highlights of the episode, and a few questions we have going into next week’s episode. There are only three left of this half-season before Fear the Walking Dead goes on hiatus until later this summer.

What’s up with that helicopter?

The helicopter flying overhead in the disorienting-but-cool cold open is a reminder that, here on Fear the Walking Dead, the virus only began to spread a few weeks ago, and there are a lot of people who still remain in cities that weren’t napalmed by the military. It also suggests that Mexico may not have been as badly affected by the virus… yet.

A for Effort Award of the Week

Nick goes all out on the zombie gut trick. The Walking Dead characters wear ponchos and keep the blood and viscera off their face. Nick, on the other hand, takes a damn bath in it. I like the kid’s style — he looks like he walked off the set of Commando.

Bad Decision of the Week

Chris, for not shooting Jack and the pregnant woman on sight. If a family boards your boat without asking, SHOOT THEM.

Honorable Mention: Salazar for not only taking Strand’s ammunition away from him (and preventing Strand from saving everyone), but for looking away and letting Jack disarm him.

I think Madison also finally learned a little something about trust this week: It should be doled out very sparingly.

Where’s Alex?

Last week’s episode ended with Strand cutting the rope on Alex’s lifeboat, leaving her to die. Some predicted she’d make her way back on the show through Alicia’s friend, Jack. That’s not the case. I thought maybe she’d reconnect with Dougray Scott’s character. That’s not the case, either. Is it possible that we won’t be seeing Alex again? It seems unlikely, as she’s listed on IMDb for at least 13 episodes. She could reconnect with Alicia and Travis — who did try to save her — on Connor’s boat. It’s a good bet that Connor picked her up, too, on the way to the Abigail.

Or maybe Tobias will save her. The fanbase would flip, plus the actor who plays Tobias is still heavily promoting the show on his Twitter account, teasing a potential return.

Cool and collected character of the week

Alicia, who kept her wits about her the entire time, never panicked, charmed Jack, and helped stall long enough for Luis to show up and take care of business. She also calmed her own high-strung mother down, and stuck her neck out to protect her family by offering to be Jack’s girlfriend. She’s coming along nicely as a character, and will get a featured episode next week on Connor’s boat.

What kind of business operation are Thomas Abigal and Victor Strand involved in?

Tonight, we finally learned the namesake of the yacht, Abigail. It belongs to a businessman named Thomas Abigail (Dougray Scott, who may look familiar), who Victor Strand stole from and subsequently became his business partner and lover. Strand was in Los Angeles closing a business deal for Abigail when he got picked up by the military. Ever resourceful, he connected with Nick and later his family in an effort to get back to his boyfriend, Thomas. The two are involved in a business that buys land at low prices during distressed times, like parcels in New Orleans after Katrina and land in Los Angeles during a zombie outbreak. I don’t think that business deal in Los Angeles is going to be worth much, what with it having been napalmed up by the U.S. military. You win some, you lose some.

However, there’s a decent chance that Victor is not actually gay. He’s an opportunist, after all. He’s whatever he needs to be to get ahead, and he may just be playing Abigail to get access to his Baja home.

Has Fear met its Negan?

Connor is the boss of Jack and co. He uses his people to bait others, boards their boats, and abducts those on board, at which point Connor arrives and “assesses.” It sounds like Connor is an apocalyptic pirate, stealing from others to support his people. He shares that in common with Negan.

Was Strand planning to kill everyone?

When Luis asked Nick, “What do you mean by all of us?” the obvious implication was that Luis didn’t know that Strand had several people along with him, even though Strand has been in communication with Thomas all along. Is it possible that Strand was using Madison, Travis, and co., just long enough to get to Baja, California, before he gets rid of them (using that machine gun of his)? And will his plans change after Madison saved his life (even if she did so out of necessity)? Also, what does Luis mean by “I have money” to get two across the border? Is “money” still worth something at this point? At least in Mexico?

Is Luis the show’s Daryl?

Forget every other Daryl comparison on Fear the Walking Dead: I think we’ve found him in Luis, a sharp-shooting, badass right-hand-man type who understands the importance of a clean car, even in the zombie apocalypse. He’s also the show’s Jason Bourne. He shot those two people in the head from at least 300 yards away on a bouncy lifeboat. That’s impressive.

Mindf*ck of the week

Madison playing mind games with the pregnant woman, suggesting to her that she might have a zombie baby inside her womb. That was an unnerving Carol-like move. Bonus points for sticking a crowbar into Reed’s stomach.

Zombie Kill of the Week

There was only one zombie kill this week, and an unusually small number of zombie sightings. However, the one kill did involve Nick opening up the zombie’s stomach and smearing himself with the walker’s innards, so it elevates the kill on the coolness scale.

Former Pop Star of the Week

That guy Reed is played by Jesse McCartney, a pop star/actor who voices Theodore in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

Is Reed still alive?

It was vague at the end of the episode about who lived and who didn’t. Here’s a sneak peak of next week’s episode, where we see that Reed is still alive (if barely) after being stabbed by Madison. Jack is obviously still alive, as is the pregnant woman, who are on Connor’s boat with Alicia and Travis. It looks like next week may be Alicia’s break-out episode.