Will New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Characters Be Introduced On ‘The Walking Dead’?

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A few weeks ago, we found a clue in images from the upcoming fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead that more or less revealed that there would be a major time jump on the series, allowing it to catch up with the events on The Walking Dead. The time jump has now been confirmed by Robert Kirkman himself, who wrote in the Letter Hacks section of the latest issue of The Walking Dead comics, “This half of season 8 leads directly into Fear the Walking Dead season 4, which will shake that show in a majorly cool way. So make sure you hang around for that.”

What Kirkman has not revealed yet is how Morgan Jones ends up on Fear the Walking Dead, but now that we definitely know there’s a time jump, it opens up some interesting possibilities, chief among them the opportunity to introduce some of the new Fear the Walking Dead characters in the back half of this season of The Walking Dead.

Look: We know that Fear the Walking Dead is going to experience a major shake-up this year. In addition to the time jump, it’s introducing several new characters played by the likes of Jenna Elfman, Garret Dillahunt, and Maggie Grace, among others. We know that the tone and story of the show will change, as well, with two new showrunners on board, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. Robert Kirkman himself said that it would be a “much different show.”

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