A Series-Changing Exit On The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Has Hit Viewers Hard


SPOILERS for the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

In the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, we finally received the answer to the question that has been plaguing viewers all season long: Is Madison Clark alive?

The answer? No. Madison sacrificed herself to save her family.

Madison Clark, like her son before her, has been killed off, and Kim Dickens has exited the show, meaning that there is really only one cast member remaining from the opening episodes of Fear the Walking Dead (and only two, including Strand, from the opening season). With the death of Nick, it’s been a one-two punch for Fear characters this season, killing off arguably the two most popular characters on the series (at least until John Dorie came along).

Twitter was expectedly crestfallen, even among those — like myself — who didn’t exactly love Madison Clark until this season.

Granted, there are still those among the hardcore Madison faithful who believe she is still alive because we didn’t technically see her die.

Alas, I am 99 percent certain that Madison is dead. There were no dumpsters for her to crawl under. She is gone. RIP Madison Clark.

More on her death, and what it means for the future of Fear the Walking Dead in our Monday morning recap.