The WTF Highlights From This Week’s Faith-Restoring ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Fear the Walking Dead went head-to-head with Game of Thrones last night, and while it may not be good enough to watch before GoT, last night’s best episode of the series, “Ouroboros,” certainly made the case that Fear should be watched right after the HBO series, rather than waiting until the next day. It was a strong episode that introduced a great new character, elevated Nick to fan favorite, and made a legitimate Shane-like villain out of Strand. Most importantly, the series lightened up and stopped taking itself so seriously, which made it possible for the viewers to stop taking it as seriously.

Indeed, “Ouroboros” restored my faith in Fear the Walking Dead. Here were the highlights.

The Slay Slay of the Week

There may be some confusion about the name of the newest character on Fear the Walking Dead. Michelle Ang was credited as Charlie in the “Flight 462” web series, and she is credited as Charlie on IMDb. However, her name appears to be Alex on the show. Whatever her name is, the newest character to the series, woke up just in time to take out the jerk in the business suit who wanted to kill the burnt-to-a-crisp Jake in his sleep. That’s how you endear a character to The Walking Dead fan base immediately. Beyonce would be proud.

Bad Plumbing Moment of the Week

Points for creativity to the writer who came up with the idea to block the yacht’s cooling and filtration system with zombie guts from a walker-arm that got pulled in and chewed to pieces. We’ve seen a lot of zombies in The Walking Dead universe, and we’ve seen a lot of zombie blood, but we’ve never seen a zombie-gut clog. In the zombie apocalypse, that would be my NOPE moment.

The In Case You Missed It Irony of the Week

I didn’t pick this up until the second re-watch, but the guy who lost his arm in the filtration system was the same guy who Alex presumably killed on the life boat.
The Skyler White of the Week

Damn it, Madison! Why does she have to object to everything? No, Travis. Don’t go into the water. It’s too dangerous! No Alicia, don’t scavenge more much needed medical supplies, it’s not safe! But if you insist on scavenging, make sure and get some sweaters because it’s cold on the ocean! It’s the zombie apocalypse, Madison. Nothing is safe. Everything is dangerous. Give it a rest. She cannot continue to play Apocalyptic Soccer Mom — no wonder the teenagers have been so obnoxious for so much of the series. Madison hovers over them constantly.

The Dumb Decision of the Week

Credit the series for having far fewer dumb decisions this week than usual, and Chris’ decision to investigate the plane wreckage was less dumb than reckless. However, I applaud what appeared to be the motivating factor: To kill more zombies. Chris has acquired a taste for it, the still-living guy he had to kill notwithstanding.

Inexplicable Exchange of the Week

Alicia: All these years, never knowing where you are or what you’re doing, and here you are.

Nick: I was always here. I was just hungry.


Funniest Moment of the Week

Chris rapping the zombie on his oxygen mask. That’s a 15-yard penalty for taunting. The zombie apocalypse is no place for bullying.

Geography Lesson of the Week

For the few who may have been confused when Madison asked Strand if they were going to Mexico, and he responded by telling her that they were going to Baja California. Baja is not a city in California. Baja California is a state in Mexico. It’s on the California border, below San Diego.

The WTF Moment of the Week

After Chris beat that dude’s head in with the airline wreckage. Twice. And his eyes were still open, staring up at Chris like, “That’s all you got? Come on, bro. Put me out of my misery already. Smash my skull in or GTFO!”

Also, did we really have to see the guy’s broken spine protruding out of his back?

Useless Character of the Week

Ofelia. Same as every week. Does she do anything? This week, Ofelia looked at her bandage and asked for some new shoes. Next week, maybe she’ll have a fashion show with the clothes Alicia brought back from the airplane wreckage.

Spectacular Zombie of the Week

Sand crab zombie. That was one of the coolest, most disgusting zombies to date for either The Walking Dead of Fear the Walking Dead. He was strong, too, for a zombie with half his body stuck underground and the other half being picked apart by sand crabs.

Breakout Character of the Week

We talked about it last night, but Nick really started to come into his own this week. He finally dropped the old-man jacket and put on a pilot shirt. He’s cracking jokes. He’s crushing zombies, and he’s saving lives. He’s even standing face-to-face with other zombies like a Jedi. Nick is cool. He’s just as fearless as Strand predicted he would be.

If Nick dies, we riot break an inexpensive dish.

Dick Move of the Week

Strand, for cutting the rope on Alex’s lifeboat. NOT COOL, STRAND. Worse, they got her hopes up and led her to believe they’d get a tow all the way to San Diego before Strand cut the rope. “This is the worst. It’ll never hurt worse than it does right now.”


On the other hand, maybe we shouldn’t feel too bad for Alex. After all, she killed the jerk in the suit for trying to put poor Jake out of his misery, and she also apparently killed the whiny red-headed dude for even thinking about killing Jake.

It’s going to come back and haunt Strand, though. The people pursuing the Abigail are probably going to find Alex, and she’s going to join up with them, and she’s going to make it her mission to kill Strand. I don’t blame her.

Skyler White Moment of the Week Part 2

Madison’s glare after Strand cut the rope, a stare that said, “You’ve done f*cked with the wrong lady. I will ruin you.”

That, I am excited to see.

Open Question of the Week

It’s still Strand. We know he’s evil, but we still don’t know how evil. Why is he really taking them to Baja California, and is there actually a “magic house” there that will save them all? If so, why is there a time limit on it? What’s the rush?

Whatever Strand has planned, it’s nefarious as hell. For the first time in a while, I’m truly excited to see what it is.