Here Are The First Official Photos From ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2

Fear the Walking Dead returns on April 10, and to get you ready for the second season of The Walking Dead spinoff, AMC has released eight new photos of the cast adventuring on the high seas. As we left season one of the show, the wacky gang of unprepared adults, irresponsible teenagers, and Salvadorian war criminals were just about to get on mysterious millionaire Victor Strand’s yacht. From the trailer that came out last week and the pictures we’re seeing now, it looks like a lot of this season will take place on that boat and the places it brings them.

Let’s get speculative and guess what’s going on in all these pictures.

Morally ambiguous rich guy savior Victor Strand looking shocked at whatever Daniel Salazar probably just did with that shotgun. Last season, Salazar taught us many important lessons like ‘Never trust the military’ and ‘Torture gets results.’ I’m sure he’ll continue to be a better teacher than actual school teacher Travis.

“I know you’re down to nothing but flannel, but we can’t dock at that fashion factory outlet, it’s too dangerous!”

Even though he’s a giant f*ck-up, Nick’s heroin addiction is what led everyone to Victor Strand. So, in a way, heroin saved their lives. Anyways, here’s Nick chilling on the dock of the bay. What could go wrong?


Jeez, look at the size of that boat. The decks have decks. I’m sure it’s going to provide a great view of the zombie apocalypse. And while the zombies on this show apparently can’t swim, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of problems caused by the humans trying to get away from those zombies. With so many people still alive, Salazar is gonna need a better gun (and some less peacenik colleagues) to keep them off this boat.

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(via TV Guide)