Daniel’s Back, On ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ But Where Is Ofelia?

06.19.17 10 months ago


After this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “100,” it’s safe to say that I have no idea where the season’s B-plot is headed, or why it even exists beyond as an excuse to keep Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar involved in the series. While the Clarks’ storyline is leaning into its The Walking Dead roots with a Farm/Alexandria-like settlement and potentially a The Governor-like villain in Jeremiah Otto, the Salazar/Strand storyline is in a different world, entirely. Or at least a different country: Mexico.

Much of this week’s episode filled us in on what has happened to Daniel since the second-season midseason finale after he torched Celia’s compound with himself inside it. With a severely burnt leg, Daniel limps into Tijuana and meets a man named Efrain, who saves Daniel’s life from a walker. Efrain also takes Daniel to an abandoned building, where water bubbles up from a hidden fountain every Tuesday at exactly 5pm. This is significant because it’s also the only source of water in the city that isn’t owned by a warlord by the name of Dante Esquivel, Tijuana’s former municipal leader who took control of the Gonzales dam after the outbreak. Efrain and his friends are trying to keep the source hidden from Dante while rationing it out to the thirsty people of the city.

After Daniel has his burnt skin scraped off with a razor blade by Lola — a friend of Efrain’s — he eventually finds work with Esquivel. Dante takes a liking to Daniel because Daniel is apparently well known for his torture work back in his younger days with the Salvadoran junta. Dante hires Daniel to work as one of his henchman and track down water thieves, which eventually leads Daniel back to Efrain.

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