On ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ The Gang Is Trapped, And There’s No Where Left To Go

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09.17.18 4 Comments


The title of this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “MM 54,” refers to Mile Marker 54, which is the setting for the Filthy Lady’s origins story, which is essentially what gets everyone in the mess that they are in by episode’s end, and that mess is a doozy. It is at Mile Marker 54 soon after the outbreak began where the Filthy Woman’s husband catches some sheet metal from a road barrier in his chest after a car accident (his predicament is not unlike that of Polar Bear’s last week), and he’s trapped in the passenger’s seat, slowly dying.

The Filthy Woman, stranded with her husband on the side of the road, believes that her husband will somehow miraculously survive if only they could receive some assistance. However, the people driving by in their cars repeatedly ignore her pleas and pass them by, and with no outside help, her husband eventually dies. In a haze of anger, shock, and sadness, and while burying her dead husband in a grave she digs with her bare hands, the Filthy Woman loses her damn mind. She decides to take her anger out on the very people who help others because no one would bother to help her. For the Filthy Woman, that means tracking down all the truck drivers leaving supplies on the side of the road and killing them with the intent of tracing it all back to its source, Polar Bear.

Alas, Polar Bear is already dead, so the Filthy Woman decides that Morgan Jones will have to do, hence her decision to fill the 18-wheeler full of bullet holes at the end of last week’s episode. The spray of bullets leaves a few injured, but no one dead. In a gunfight with the Filthy Woman, she takes a shotgun blast to the chest but survives, driving away in Althea’s van. The 18-wheeler, meanwhile, goes up in flames, leaving Morgan and company on foot with a horde of zombies on their tail.

With Wendell without his wheelchair, the gang finds a chair for him to sit on, puts it on a piece of cardboard, and scoots him along on the pavement, so it’s slow-going, and they cannot outrun the zombie horde. Eventually, Morgan guides them toward a hospital with the horde behind them, and they barricade themselves inside. Alas, the horde breaks into the hospital, leaving Morgan and the gang nowhere to go but up. Althea manages to get the generator working so that they can all get to the roof of the hospital by elevator, but Althea is left trapped inside the generator room, surrounded on the outside by zombies.

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