‘Fear The Walking Dead’: The 11 Most Pressing Questions We Have Going Into The Midseason Finale

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05.16.16 24 Comments

Fear the Walking Dead bounced back from last week’s disappointing episode with “Sicut Cervus,” which was either a good episode or a mixed bag, depending on how things shake out next week. That’s because one plotline concerning a new character, Celia, is either recycled from The Walking Dead or, hopefully, has an interesting twist that could dramatically improve next week’s midseason finale.

The episode was also a heartbreaking one that saw the death of Thomas Abigail and, in the process, gave depth to the Strand character, who put aside his mysterious stoicism and, in demonstrating his love for Thomas, displayed some of that acting talent for which Colman Domingo is known in the theater world.

The tragedy and the psycho at the center set up an intriguing midseason finale. Before we get there, however, here are 11 questions we need answered:

Why did the parishioners want to kill Celia?

When Thomas arrived, the parishioners were preparing themselves to attack Celia’s compound and kill her, but Celia got to them first by poisoning the communion wafers. The preacher and the parishioners knew what was happening inside Celia’s compound: The work of someone testing their faith in God, someone trying to lure them into evil.

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