‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Will Inform The Mythology Of ‘The Walking Dead,’ Says Robert Kirkman

There’s probably only six people on the planet who watch The Walking Dead and have said to themselves, “You know what? I think I’m going to sit out Fear the Walking Dead because there’s just too much good television in my life.” Those six folks may want to reconsider their position because, according to Robert Kirkman, while The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are very different shows, they do exist in the same universe.

So, while geographic limitations will keep the casts from the two shows from interacting anytime soon, the mythology is the same, and therefore, anything we find out about the mythology of the universe in Fear the Walking Dead will apply to the parent series, says Kirkman in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Everything that happens in Fear The Walking Dead is in the same universe as The Walking Dead,” says Kirkman. “So any rule that we find out and anything they see in the early days is definitely something that was happening in the past of the other show. These two shows are very intertwined in the same world, even if their characters aren’t necessarily going to interact because of geographical distances. So yeah, anything that you learn from Fear the Walking Dead will apply to the mythology of The Walking Dead and vice versa. So you are going to get to see that the characters learn that they’re all infected in a much different way. But all the rules do apply and are the same. That will be some of the fun if you’re watching both shows.”

It also suggests that we may also find out some new “rules” about the walkers from the initial stages of the outbreak that could potentially apply to walkers later on. I have no idea how that might play out. Maybe an early survivor figures out another way to kill a zombie besides a headshot that will come into play on the parent series. It will also be interesting to see how the survivors in Fear the Walking Dead discover that the infection applies to all dead people, and not just those who are infected by zombies.

In either respect, that’s just one more reason you should tune in to Fear the Walking Dead when it premieres, aside from the fact that there’s nothing else to watch during the late summer.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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