A Years-Old Felicity Huffman Tweet Is Not Aging Well Amid Her College Admissions Scheme Indictment

03.12.19 4 months ago

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An old Felicity Huffman tweet and a relatively fresh William H. Macy interview are under scrutiny amid indictments for an alleged ivy league admissions scheme. The entire, decade-long affair has been labeled Operation Varsity Blues due to charges for a total of 50 individuals, including a Yale soccer coach, along with actress Lori Loughlin and her husband (fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli), for allegedly committing conspiracy and several other white collar crimes to cheat their children’s way into college for up to $6 million dollars apiece. Naturally, this has led to a plethora of “Aunt Becky” jokes regarding Loughlin, but the serious charges could carry up to five years in jail time.

It must be noted that Macy was not listed as a defendant in the full indictment list, but he and Huffman’s statements are both coming back to haunt them. This would include a 2016 tweet in which Huffman asked the public at large, “What are your best “hacks” for the back-to-school season?”

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