Felicity Jones Shows Off Her ‘Rogue One’ Fighting Skills On A Very Unprepared Jimmy Fallon

Entertainment Writer

When someone shows up to fight on a talk show, I either feel like I stumbled into an episode of The Eric Andre Show for a second or I know I’m ready to watch a host cower in fear. Conan usually has some fine stunt moments with Steven Ho on his show, but now Jimmy Fallon is getting in on the fun. Felicity Jones is on promoting Rogue One and Fallon decides to bring up some of her fighting techniques from the film. Everybody must really beat some ass in this movie, putting some shame on Luke, Leia, and Han from the original films. Luke could barely fling with his lightsaber and here we have Jyn Erso pulling out crowd control kung fu moves like she’s Stryker in Mortal Kombat.

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