Why Is Every Female Meteorologist Wearing This Crazy Dress From Amazon?

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11.24.15 8 Comments

the weather dress

Before the internet, buying clothes was difficult. If you liked something your friend had, you’d have to go down to the local JC Penney and try to find the exact same thing in your size. Now there’s Amazon, which allows people all over the world to dress alike without any hassle (or even leaving the house). That’s exactly why basically every meteorologist in the United States is wearing the same form-fitting dress on TV. Why this dress? According to reports, it fits strict guidelines and it’s only $23. (Think about that next time you imagine doing the weather on TV will net you millions.)

Tech Insider reports that the dress’s popularity blew up after a link to its Amazon page was posted to a group for female meteorologists looking for something to wear on TV. If you didn’t know that such a group would ever be needed, you’re one of the many millions of Americans who have no idea that meteorologists have to follow a lot of strict rules when they’re on air. Check it out:

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