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25 Extreme Examples of Laziness. My familiarity with Photoshop and the puckish nature of the Internet prevents me from enjoying most of these pictures. [Holy Taco]

That mustache will molest your dreams. Meet Tom LaBrie, whose 1980s commercials for Sleep Center in Sacramento are comprised of wooden paneling, butterfly collars, and the creepiest mustache this side of suppressed childhood memories. [Urlesque]

He represents the Lollipop Guild. George Stephanopoulos will join “Good Morning America” as an anchor. He’s the most popular Greek since Dukakis! [Politico]

Coming soon: the Transformers on Sesame Street. Hasbro has acquired licensing rights to the Sesame Street franchise, so you can finally buy your illegitimate kids Big Bird action figures. [Topless Robot]

-3 Realism Points for Matthew Weiner. Somebody discovered anachronistic books in the background of a “Mad Men” episode: the first three novels of W.E.B. Griffin’s “The Corps” series, published in 1986-90. I might be upset at Weiner if I didn’t enjoy that series so much. Gotta love “Killer” McCoy and Famous Grouse scotch. [HuffPo]

‘Dollhouse’ is a television show. I don’t have any particular reason for linking to a sexy Eliza Dushku gallery. But then, I don’t have a reason not to, either. [Funtasticus]

Sure ya did, buddy. Kelsey Grammer says he scrapped “Hank,” not ABC execs, because “it wasn’t funny.” I might believe him if McHale’s Navy had never been made. [Contact Music]

Every episode of ‘House’ ever. There’s no mention of lupus, but yeah, this is pretty dead-on. [image shack]

Creepy… yet I kind of want it. One of the cardigans Daniel Tosh wore on “Tosh.0” is available on eBay. Current bid: $325, or the price of three cashmere sweaters that aren’t complete eyesores. [eBay]

Surprising Facts About Padma Lakshmi. Fact: I would totally get her double-pregnant. [Getback]

SITE NEWS: Today and tomorrow, posts will be slightly less frequent, as I have to take a little time out for stupid life necessities like going to the DMV and related holiday crap. Sorry.

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