The Final Episodes Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Will Be On Netflix Soon To Satisfy Your Binging Needs

For those of you who haven’t watched the final episodes of Breaking Bad yet, have been holding off on the entire series or just want to relive the show again, you’ll soon have your chance to binge. The final episodes of Breaking Bad will be made available on Netflix next month according to Vulture:

Start planning out your viewing schedule now: the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad‘s final season will hit Netflix streaming on February 24th.

There will be no more excuses at that point. You will either have to fall in line with the rest of us or continue walking your lonely path through a Heisenbergless life. Of course this is all moot if you went out and bought the massive DVD collection or still have a DVR full of episodes. Or maybe you’re tired of Breaking Bad, like a sane person should be.

(Lead image via AMC)