Finally, David Hasselhoff Is Going To Star On Germany’s Celebrity Big Brother

David Hasselhoff spent yesterday at the BGC Partners charity day in London, whatever that is, in case you’re wondering why he was hanging out with two younger girls who kind of look like they could have stood in the background on Baywatch, but the big news here is coming out of Germany. Big Brother has been on the air in Germany for 11 seasons, but for the first time ever, the most important man in the country’s history will be on the show. Put zwei and zwei together, and I’m talking about Hasselhoff.

According to German tabloids, the Bild and BZ, the Hoff is expected to join a crew of “C-list German celebrities” that I’ve never heard of, including Lucy Diakovska, Marijke Amado and Martin Semmelrogge, who starred in the classic war film Das Boot. But achtung! Before you crazy Germans get too excited, the network hasn’t confirmed the news just yet.

Although BB broadcaster Sat.1 did not deny the rumours, they were also not willing to confirm them. “We are really excited by all the wild speculation,” a spokeswoman told The Local on Thursday.

Sixty one-year-old Hasselhoff has been rather dismissive of his future housemates, asking the Bild, “who the f*** are these people?” (Via The Local)

I hope that’s how he addresses the housemates, too, as he walks in and throws his keys to KITT on the coffee table and orders someone to fill a bathtub with schnapps. And then when one of the housemates fires back with, “Who do you think you are?” he’ll respond, “I’m the guy who tore down the f*cking Berlin Wall.”

Warning: That video gets women pregnant just by watching it.

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