Jimmy Fallon Is Forcing Car Dealers To Compete On The USS Intrepid With His 'Fingers On A 4×4' Contest

Jimmy Fallon unveiled his ‘Fingers On A 4×4‘ contest on The Tonight Show in what might be the most blatant and creative use of a product placement we’ve seen since Michael Bay put Transformer testicles on the big screen.

It would seem that Jimmy Fallon is in the market for a truck and decided on the Ford F-150 King Ranch, most likely to tear ass down the streets of New York and fight crime. But instead of shopping around for the best price from dealership to dealership, Fallon has decided to bring the dealers to him in a competition aboard the USS Intrepid.

No, they don’t have to bodyslam Yokozuna to win Fallon’s business. Instead, it’s the old keep your hands on the truck for as long as possible sort of contest. You can watch the live feed below or over at The Tonight Show YouTube. Feel free to do what you want, I’m gonna go watch Kurt Russell blow this contest away in Used Cars instead.

Here’s the truck being hoisted onto the Intrepid, meaning they jump it onto the deck in a display of flames and Ted Nugent music. Is this even my country anymore?

(Via The Tonight Show)