This Unfilmed ‘Firefly’ Opening Scene Sounds Like The Perfect Homage To Harrison Ford

Despite its cancellation almost 14 years ago, Firefly has had a significant impact on science-fiction television programming, and its dedicated fanbase shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, as indicated by cast reunions like the one that took place at the Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend. Every once in awhile, these semi-regular meetings result in a plethora of posts about possible second seasons, rumored fan-made continuations, and other morsels of news sure to fire up Browncoats everywhere.

Like, for example, actor Nathan Fillion‘s (Malcolm Reynolds) description of an unfilmed opening scene during the Long Beach Comic Con panel. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the scene in question sounds an awful lot like the episode “Out of Gas,” albeit with a few significant differences:

“Joss once described an opening scene to me where we are looking at a planet with a ring around it and as we come in close, we see the ring is actually rocks and pieces of ships and old derelicts. It’s a junk ring. It’s the junkyards — we mentioned it in Firefly one time. We see little bits and we’re jumping slowly from bit to bit and as we get closer we see Serenity floating lifeless and these little people getting on and coming through it. Ad as they get into the airlock and they close it, they come and there’s Malcolm Reynolds, bleeding and cut, strapped down with giant guns and not looking great. He’s got these two giant guns, and he says, ‘Get off my ship.’ “

“Out of Gas” features a similar exchange between Reynolds and a competing salvage crew that tries to take Serenity from him. However, it didn’t happen at the beginning of the episode, and Mal only had one tiny gun. Though in true “Harrison Ford kicking ass in Air Force One” fashion, Fillion did get to say the line “get the hell off my ship” before booting the crew off his boat.

Still, “two giant guns” sounds a hell of a lot better than one tiny gun.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)