Here’s Some Footage Of That ‘Walking Dead’ Character On The Set Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

AMC has been teasing a crossover between The Walking Dead and sister show Fear The Walking Dead for months now, or to be more specific they’ve been teasing a single crossover character. That’s led to much fan speculation, and following the sixth episode of The Walking Dead season 8 the truth was finally revealed: everyone’s favorite staff-wielding part-time pacifist Morgan (Lenny James) will be the one headed to Texas, where Fear The Walking Dead season 4 is taking place.

As for why this news was released now? The Walking Dead fans are just as rabid and unrelenting as the walkers on the show, and AMC probably figured there was no way they’d keep a lid on Lenny James’ participation on Fear The Walking Dead now that he’s on location filming. So why fight it when you can go with the flow instead? So with that here’s the first footage of Lenny James on the Fear set direct from AMC.

People are still trying to figure out exactly how Morgan will appear in Texas considering The Walking Dead is over 600 days into their zombie apocalypse nightmare compared to Fear The Walking Dead, which is still only nearing day 100. But Morgan does have a big blank spot between his initial appearance and eventual return on The Walking Dead. He’d have to be pretty mobile, but we guess getting from Georgia to Texas and back.

Those worried that perhaps Fear The Walking Dead is jumping way ahead and jettisoning all their old characters, fear not! Photos from the set show Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) doing a script read along with Morgan and Victor (Colman Domingo).

Fear The Walking Dead really took a step up in quality over the course of season 3 and its exciting to imagine what the addition of Lenny James to the cast portends for season 4. There’s no set date for Fear The Walking Dead‘s return but you can expect the season premiere sometime in the spring or early summer of 2018.