We Now Have Our First Glimpse Of ‘American Horror Story’ Season Six

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We’re now well into summer, and this is about the time of year that Ryan Murphy starts dropping tiny nuggets of information about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Hell, it was back in February of last year that Lady Gaga announced she’d be starring in season five. But Murphy’s Twitter has remained radio silent, and all we know as of now is that season six will include “elements of children” and Lady Gaga will be back. But here we are, just a few days out from July, and we don’t even have a dang theme nailed down yet.

The official American Horror Story Facebook account finally leaked our first glimpse of the season on Monday, but unfortunately it isn’t helping much. Get ready for… a creepy number six question mark thinger?

The symbol has also replaced the avatar on all of the social media accounts for the FX horror anthology show. Does it mean that we just won’t know anything about the upcoming season? Cheyenne Jackson, who was a newcomer in American Horror Story: Hotel revealed in an interview with Out this week that they’re already shooting the new season and that “wild horses wouldn’t make [him] reveal the plot.” We guess that’s it then, for now? It’s gonna be a long three months for fans.

(Via EOnline, Out)

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