Let's Deduce The Plotline Of ‘The Office’ Finale Using 9 Promo Images

The next three Thursdays are big ones for NBC and its crumbling Thursday night comedy line-up. Tonight will bring us the Parks and Recreation finale, next Thursday will be the Community season (and possibly series) finale, and in two weeks, we get the one-hour series finale of The Office. After nine years (and four years too many), we know a few things about how The Office will end, one being that it will take place several months after the Dunder Mifflin documentary airs.

We now know — thanks to the New York Times — that there will be a reunion component to the finale, which is to say it will be something like a Survivor reunion, where everyone gets together to talk about the documentary (apparently, Jeff Probst was even approached at one point to moderate). During the reunion, the entire cast of The Office will answer questions about how the documentary changed their lives. (The Times piece also talks about how Bob Odenkirk was originally in the role of Michael Scott, which makes his appearance as a pseudo-Michael Scott in a recent episode of the series all the more sly).

We also know, of course, that there will be a wedding, although we don’t yet know who will be getting married. The 9 images released to TVLine, however, suggests that it’s likely Angela and Dwight, if only because it appears from one picture that Dwight is testing wedding cakes with Angela and Oscar, who we can assume would be Angela’s “bridesmaid.” Another image also suggests success for Andy Bernard, so perhaps Dwight finally landed the manager position (again), which this season has subtly hinted at (and perhaps, based on another photo, under Dwight’s regime, there is exercise).

Interestingly, Jim is in all the work pictures. Does that mean he stays at Dunder Mifflin and gives up his Philly career, because if so, BOOO.

Anyway, here are the images. You can draw your own conclusions.