Riggs Is Crazy And Murtaugh Is Getting Too Old For This In FOX’s First Trailer For ‘Lethal Weapon’

If you thought you got enough of Riggs and Murtaugh butting heads and solving crimes in the Lethal Weapon movies, you might want to think again. FOX released the first trailer for the television adaptation of the classic series starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, and it has us excited to see how Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford embody the iconic duo. So far, it seems like a pretty standard and straight forward take on the material with both leads acquitting themselves well and balancing human moments with more over-the-top action sequences.

Plus, Teddy Chaugh-ghghgh from Mad Men (AKA Kevin Rahm, who will never actually go by his real name again if we have anything to say about it) is the annoyed boss the partners have to answer to when things go right. Or, the more likely case, when things go wrong. No matter your expectations from the show, this trailer has something for everyone and even something for people who have no expectations at all.

There is Crawford’s Riggs playing chicken with some bank robbers before showing off his hand-to-hand combat skills and then letting a bank blow up. There are multiple shots of Jordana Brewster’s LAPD negotiator character Maureen Cahill and Wayans’ Murtaugh looking incredulously at Riggs as he does something ridiculous or dumbfounding. There’s an echoey voice-over and tragic flashbacks to Riggs’ (seemingly) pregnant wife getting T-boned and killed by a tractor-trailer. Just to make Brewster feel at home, we presume, there are classic action shots of car accidents and a fleeing suspect unwittingly getting hit by a bus. And of course, there are numerous instances of characters asking how crazy, dangerous, and/or absolutely insane Riggs is. Judging by how much carnage there is in this first look alone we are guessing very much insane.

Which, of course, is all part of the fun. Nobody on a cop show every enjoyed themselves by being safe and boring. Lethal Weapon is set to air on Wednesdays next season, although a premiere date has not been officially announced. Is this trailer enough to sell you on the adaptation, or will it take some additional disagreements from these two unlikely partners to hook you for good?

(via CinemaBlend)