First Look at John Goodman on ‘Community’

08.29.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Below is a little video from NBC that offers the first look at John Goodman as Vice Dean Laybourne, the head of Greendale’s air conditioner repair school. As you might expect, he uses his tall stature and booming voice to intimidate Jim Rash’s newly goateed Dean Pelton. Other highlights include a rectum joke and a glimpse of Joel McHale looking like a pale, sickly crack addict. Alas, we do not yet get to see Michael K. Williams as the new biology professor or Alison Brie slowly undressing.

“Community” returns September 22nd. Mark you calendars — or better yet, just keep refreshing Warming Glow every hour for the next month. I’ll remind you again before it airs, and I could use some more pageviews.

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