The Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Poster Teases The Huge Fire Vs. Ice Battle

It has been a long winter for Game of Thrones fans. Usually by now, we’ve got a release date for the new season and a trailer if we are very lucky. However, with an adjusted filming schedule, season seven has been announced for “summer.” Be vaguer, HBO! (Not to sound petulant. Please don’t punish my insolence with a longer wait, TV gods.) Until then, fans are left to twiddle their thumbs and hope for the best.

However, my sweet summer children, the first official poster for season seven has been released ahead of SXSW this year and, well, take a look.

Cool! This tells us nothing! Still, teasing the inevitable fire vs. ice showdown that we have been promised since day one is always a wise move. Daenerys is finally making her way across the sea with her dragons to regain her homeland, while Jon Snow is busy marshaling strength in the North. Whether or not the two clash or unite against the common enemy that is Cersei Lannister remains to be seen, but either way, it will undoubtedly be epic.

Hopefully this is just the first taste of the Thrones goodness that will be revealed at SXSW, so take your poster and be grateful.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)