If You Love ‘Mythic Quest,’ Here Are Five Other Shows You Should Watch

It’s no secret we love Mythic Quest. Like, really love it. It’s also no secret that the cast and crew of the show worked on some pretty remarkable comedies prior to their foray into the fantastic land of big shovels and even bigger egos. While none of these shows are what you’d call hidden gems, you might not have known that they have ties to the hit Apple TV+ show. Either way, they are well worth the watch if you find yourself getting a bit antsy between episode releases.

1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Of course, at the top of this list has to be It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as without it we wouldn’t even have Mythic Quest. While It’s Always Sunny fans are sure to recognize Rob McElhenney as creative director Ian Grimm and David Hornsby as spineless executive producer David Brittlesbee, the powerhouse trio who created the show — Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz — are all It’s Always Sunny writers and producers. If you somehow haven’t caught an episode of the seriously long-running series, be warned it is exponentially darker and more vulgar than Mythic Quest, with seldom heartwarming moments. However, if you want to watch a group of dysfunctional narcissists being extremely problematic in an extremely tongue-and-cheek way, the show’s writing is clever, topical, and will surely make you laugh between cringes.

2. Community

If I had to suggest one show Mythic Quest fans must watch, it’d be Community, hands down. Despite the It’s Always Sunny team being the one most directly affiliated with Mythic Quest, Ganz did work as a writer on Community and overall the show feels more similar in spirit, perhaps because it also embraces the “outrageous” part of “outrageously offensive” whereas It’s Always Sunny tenderly caresses the later. Additionally, Community also follows big nerds with big personalities who, at the end of the day, care for each other far more than they’d ever be willing to admit. Oh, and if you love (or absolutely loathe) Danny Pudi’s performance as Brad, you gotta see his absolutely iconic portrayal of Abed.

3. Modern Family

In addition to working on both It’s Always Sunny and Community, Ganz also lent her creative talent to the folks over on ABC’s Modern Family for a few years. During her time on the show, she was credited as the main writer in a handful of episodes from both the show’s fifth and sixth seasons, including “The Wedding (Part 2),” which is widely considered one of the best episodes in the series. Much like the first two entries on this list, Modern Family is all about clashing personalities and dysfunction, though this time in a more domestic setting.

4. Adventure Time

I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a show named Adventure Time goes places, but boy does it — fun places, absurd places, and very emotional places. And yes, it is a cartoon, but we know in 2021 we don’t need to convince you that cartoons and anime can have real merit and carry weight, both of which are true of Adventure Time. While you might think this recommendation comes due to both show’s fantastical subject matter, it actually makes the list because both Ashly Burch (Mythic Quest‘s game tester Rachel) and Charlotte Nicdao (Poppy Li herself) have both worked on the show, Nicado as a voice actress and Burch as a writer.

5. DuckTales (2017)

I’ll be honest, DuckTales is mostly on here because it makes one of the jokes in Mythic Quest land about ten times harder, but it’s also genuinely a pretty great show with a quirky and comedic cast including the likes of David Tennant, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Beck Bennett, and of course, Mythic Quest’s Danny Pudi. If you haven’t given the Disney series reboot a watch yet, it’s definitely worth giving the first few episodes a whirl, especially if you have young ones at home.

And of course, if you want to watch more Mythic Quest, you can do so over on Apple TV+.