Flavor Flav Owns The O.J. Simpson Statue Featured In The Finale Of ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’

Did you watch FX’s marvelous miniseries The People vs. OJ Simpson? If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you go check it out and enjoy the artistry and intensity that the show uses to craft a highly gripping series about a real event about which everyone knows the outcome. That takes talent. But we’re not here to discuss the limited series, we’re here to discuss a crazy twist based around one of the props from the final episode.

(Light spoilers ahead.)

For those who watched you know the series culminated with Orenthal James Simpson, a free man but a pariah to all of his friends and social connections, standing alone in his mansion’s backyard staring up at a statue of himself in a football uniform. In real life, OJ had the statue made and erected on his property. Because if there’s one thing that says “egotistical football star” it’s definitely a statue of yourself. But what happened to it after OJ’s financial downfall?

Well, apparently Flavor Flav owns it.

Yes, that’s right – none other than rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav owns that statue. As TMZ reports, it was given to him as a gift in the 1990’s after an auction of Simpson’s possessions. Flav apparently once tried to give it back to OJ but Simpson declined seeing as he would just have to turn around and auction if off again right away. This is a cool twist in an otherwise depressing and tragic story, but now we are left to wonder what Flavor Flav does with the statue when he’s not showing it off on Twitter. A statement piece in his entryway? Party decorations? A particularly creepy watchman in the front yard as an extra security measure? Whatever place it has in Flav’s home, this is one twist in the Simpson saga that is actually heartwarming and enjoyable.

(via TMZ)