Say Hello To ‘Flavor Flav: Unlikely Salt Lake City Weatherman’

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If you only watch one video of Public Enemy legend Flavor Flav doing a weather report for a Salt Lake City TV station, make it the one that’s tucked above.

Yes, America’s most unabashed clock enthusiast popped up on a Utah morning show to fill people in on what they can expect from the weather. Aided by some baffling bed music, Flav outlined what the sort of conditions viewers could expect (short answer: relatively good things!) and just generally seemed to be having a good time passing along pleasant news in this unlikely side gig. This appearance on Fox 13 borders a bit on surreal because it feels like it’s ages ago when Flav was practically glued into your cable TV options.

Flav, who was in town to visit his brother (who got a lovely shout-out during the segment), offered up more than just meteorology on the program. He hung out with the hosts to endorse “Bring the Noise” as the “Song of the Day” (awkward morning TV banter ahoy!) and even helped with the pet adoption segment. Sadly, Flav’s efforts to find a dog a new home haven’t bubbled up online in video form (well, aside from a clip that got yanked), but we’ll keep our head on a swivel for when it arrives. IT’S FLAVOR FLAV TRYING TO BRING A DOG’S LOVE INTO YOUR HEART! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? If VH1 ever wants to do an American version of the Canadian curiosity Pick A Puppy, Flav’s your dude.

(via Vibe)