Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s One-Woman Stage Version Of ‘Fleabag’ Is Coming To Movie Theaters


We’re almost certainly not getting any more new Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s beloved British show about a fourth-wall-breaking single woman struggling with love, grief, neuroses, hot priests, etc. But fans of the show, whose second season bowed to raves a few months back, may not have seen the original Fleabag — the one that was simply a one-woman stage show its star-creator first performed in 2013.

If you haven’t been one of the lucky few to have seen it, then you’re in luck: As per Entertainment Weekly, the stage version is hitting movie theaters for one night only. On September 12, those lucky to live near a participating venue will be able to see Waller-Bridge do her much-celebrated, quite different original Fleabag.

The screening will air courtesy of National Theatre Live, which regularly beams London and sometimes Broadway shows into movie theaters, preserving a live performance but at a significantly more affordable price. It’s not the same as seeing Waller-Bridge in the flesh, playing off the audience in front of her, but when else will you get the chance to see this with cackling, loudly wincing strangers?

Waller-Bridge’s original stage version of Fleabag is what made her a name, first in British stage and comedy circles, before she radically expanded it for the BBC. The first series of the TV version aired in 2016, and it took three years for her to follow it up, with some reluctance, in 2019. Around the time it bowed in the U.S., Waller-Bridge flew to New York for a limited encore run of the original stage version, and even scored a gig punching up the next Bond for superfan Daniel Craig while she was there.

The second series of Fleabag earned Waller-Bridge three Emmys, as well as copious social media attention over its instantly iconic jumpsuit and the eponymous character’s unbridled lust over Andrew Scott’s “hot priest.” Neither will be present for the live Fleabag, but Waller-Bridge should be enough.

One can check out the National Theatre Live site to see if it’s screening near you.

(Via EW)