A Florida Man Was Busted With $1 Million Worth Of Meth And A Walter White Doll

While it’s not quite as amazing as an actual white male with a goatee named Walter White being arrested for possessing 32-pounds of meth, this meth-related story out of Florida is still one of the more Florida things that you’ll read this week. Surveillance by federal agents led to the arrest of a man in the upscale Orange County (FL) neighborhood of Lake Nona, after he was pulled over with $120,000 of meth in his truck. Once his home was raided, approximately $1 million worth of additional meth was discovered in a closet.

But the moral of the story here isn’t that being a bigtime meth dealer will get your ass thrown in prison for a long time as much as it’s that if you’re going to sell meth, maybe don’t drive around with a Walter White doll hanging from the rearview.

No one answered the door when Channel 9’s Jeff Deal knocked Tuesday.

In the driveway was a car with a stuffed Walter White toy. Actor Bryan Cranston played White on the television show “Breaking Bad.” Fans of the show know White as the master “chef” who cooks crystal meth with his partner, Jesse Pinkston. (Via WFTV)

I included that first sentence because I love the idea of a TV reporter knocking on the door of a drug dealer’s home and asking, “Excuse me, but do you have anything to say about all that meth that was under your stairs?” as if the drug dealer is going to say, “You know, hilarious story about that…”

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