For Independence Day Week, Here’s A Ranking Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s’ Most Patriotic Moments

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We’ve already brought you the most Philadelphiest episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so I thought what better way to celebrate the independence of our country than with a show literally set in the same city as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and birthplace of freedom. Obviously Philadelphia is quite proud of its patriotic heritage, and the town itself is ripe with history — a fact that was not lost on the creators of Sunny. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the characters are all selfish idiots (lovable selfish idiots, but selfish idiots none the less) who often manipulate zealous causes for their own intentions.

With that, here is a ranking of It’s Always Sunny’s seven most patriotic moments:



7) Season One: “Gun Fever”

Starting out the list, what’s more patriotic than gun fever? Okay, maybe I should say: What’s more quote-unquote patriotic than gun fever? Second amendment, ‘Murica, y’all! After a break-in at the bar (which turns out to have been rigged by Dee’s boyfriend) Mac, Dennis and Charlie go gun crazy. And if you’re not packing on the 4th of July then you probably just hate America, commie.



6) Season Two: “Charlie Gets Crippled”

After Dee and Dennis get surprised by Frank (in his first appearance on It’s Always Sunny), they accidentally run Charlie over in their car, which leaves him wheelchair bound. When this earns him sympathy attention from strippers at the strip club (one of those strippers being played by Natasha Leggero — what!) he takes it a step further by posing as a Vietnam veteran. “VIET-GODDAMN-NAM’S WHAT HAPPENED!” Of course, his plans backfires, but still, free lap dances for the disabled and war vets? That’s pretty damn patriotic if you ask me.



5) Season Nine: “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”

In the sequel to season one’s “Gun Fever,” “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” shows the gang divided on the hot button issue with Dee and Dennis trying to prove how easy it is to buy a gun while Mac and Charlie show up armed at the public school to protect the children — because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? Of course, Frank is just scamming everyone, which is the true American way.

Also? Mac and Charlie wear these outfits. PATRIOTISM ACHIEVED.



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