For Joy, There’s Going To Be A Latin America Version Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Now

MTV Latin America is launching their own version of Jersey Shore next month, aptly titled Acapulco Shore, which will ostensibly follow around a bunch of young Latin American men and women being drunken sh*theads. But don’t worry, because Mexico doesn’t get to have all of the fun — the series will also air on MTV’s bi-lingual U.S. network, Tr3s.

Variety reports:

New Latino version follows the other adaptations made in the U.K. (“Geordie Shore”), Poland (“Warsaw Shore”) and Spain (“Gandia Shore”).

“Drama, friendship and partying — the hallmarks of the MTV franchise are all encapsulated in ‘Acapulco Shore,’ said Maria Iregui, Brand Manager of MTV Latin America.

“Drama, friendship, and partying.” Hmm. Seems like they’re leaving out one very important ingredient in that turd pie recipe. OH RIGHT:

Ahh, yes — that’s the ticket. There will be much sex in Mexico.