For the Ladies: Objectifying Joel McHale

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12.13.11 30 Comments

One of the things we gleefully had to come to terms with here after taking over Warming Glow was the fact that Alison Brie is very much a part of the site’s DNA: Alison Brie’s boobs; Alison Brie as Santa, Alison Brie Running, Alison Brie bouncing, and Alison Brie shimmying. But in the site’s huge and warranted love affair for Alison Brie, it feels like the women of Warming Glow are being left out. Not that they can’t appreciate Alison, and not that those girl crushes aren’t real and wonderful and awesome, but all the leering and drooling shouldn’t be the exclusive province of the dudes.
I wanted to even the objectifying scales, so to speak. Give a little something back to the ladies of WG for indulging Annie’s Boobs for the last year or two. And what better way to return the favor than to feature Joel McHale’s Pecs, Joel McHale Running, Joel McHale without a Shirt, and Joel McHale Making Out with Donald Glover, humping Donald Glover, and grabbing Donald Glover’s butt?
We like to think of ourselves as equal opportunity objectifiers, and so we present to the womenfolk here all the Joel McHale you can gawk at before your panties catch on fire. You’re welcome.

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