All The Times ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Foreshadowed Negan’s Major Death Scene

02.28.16 3 years ago 14 Comments

In tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, the name Negan got bandied around a few times, as the series has quickly moved from one war — with a horde of zombies — to the precipice of another, with the Saviors. It’s been a long time coming; the series has been hinting at the arrival of Negan for a couple of years.

I’m going to include a comic book spoiler here, but I think we can dispose of any pretense about what’s coming. Anyone who has followed The Walking Dead closely at all almost certainly knows what lies ahead: Negan is going to kill someone with his barbed-wire covered baseball bat, Lucille. In the comics, that someone was Glenn, but Scott Gimple has suggested a “hard left turn” in regard to what’s expected from the comic series.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped The Walking Dead from foreshadowing Glenn’s death by baseball bat. Remember this moment from a few seasons ago?

Or how about one of Glenn’s near death experiences, this one involving the Terminites and a baseball bat.

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