Former Disney Channel Star Explains Why He Walked Away From Millions Of Dollars

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05.29.13 20 Comments

For a brief time in the mid-2000s, the Disney Channel’s kid-friendly The Suite Life of Zack & Cody reached a level of popularity where even people without children had heard of the show, forcing them to awkwardly explain how it reached their consciousness. “Uh, y’know, my neighbor’s sister’s babysitter’s daughter, she loves it.” It was upsetting. But the show was massively successful, as were its two twin stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who you might also know from Big Daddy (or, um, The Master of Disguise, where they played “Young Pistachio Disguisey”).

Anyway, after three seasons of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and three seasons of spin-off The Suite Life on Deck, a time in which they became the fourth highest paid kid actors in the world, the Sprouse Brothers declined to re-up their contract with Disney and walked away from potentially millions of dollars. In an interview with “ConversationsWithNat,” Dylan, for the first time, explains what it’s like to drop the mic in front of Disney. I’m totally for his decision, because if The Suite Life was still on, who knows if Disney would have ever aired this masterpiece?

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