Former ‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Really Wants You To Check Out His Pocket Hose

Here is Richard Karn — best known as Al Borland from Home Improvement — doing a commercial for the Pocket Hose, a product that starts out compact and shriveled up, expands upon being filled with fluid, sprays liquid out of its “nozzle,” and then returns to its regular size when not in use. And, again, it is called the Pocket Hose. I can’t stress that enough.

“Wow,” you say. ” The Pocket Hose. That’s pretty funny. But can it get even funnier?”

Well, yes it can, provided you are willing to be very immature and read an almost unreasonable amount of innuendo into perfectly sensible collections of words. Please note the warnings on the Instructions page of the Pocket Hose website:

Sound advice. Hi, I am 11 years old.