Former MTV VJ Kennedy Says Michael Jordan Tried To Win Her Virginity In A Dice Game

Okay. A few things:

1) Former MTV VJ Kennedy has written a book titled The Kennedy Chronicles, which features her riding a horse naked on the cover.

2) In an excerpt obtained by TMZ, she claims that during a dinner with Michael Jordan and Russell Simmons, the NBA Hall of Famer broke out some dice and said “If I win, you come back to my hotel room with me tonight.”

3) She also claims she was a virgin at the time, and that she was afraid Jordan and his large penis would “eviscerate [her] from the inside out” and “filet [her] vag like a sea bass.”

4) If I were Kennedy’s editor, I would have suggested, “I was nervous the Space Jam star would really jam my space.”

5) “Michael Jordan tried to win Kennedy’s virginity during a dice game” is one of those little tidbits that you will never be able to get out of your brain, so you might as well enjoy it. Something something Dan Cortese something something Idalis the end.