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Holy crap.  “Lost” had a dozen people working for four months to come up with the show’s 1-hour presentation at Comic-Con this weekend.  I’ve never worked on anything for four months.  Except for one particularly difficult word search.  From the New York Times:

That hourlong show, complete with scripted comedy routines and 13 glossy original videos, took a dozen people four months to produce. The budget for song rights, props and actor travel alone was $25,000.

Planning for the “Lost” presentation at Comic-Con, which concluded on Sunday, started in early April with meetings about what kind of Easter eggs, or hidden clues, to include about the program’s sixth and final season. Then came the writing and taping of videos, some of them starring cast members, that would deliver those hints. Producers worked to obtain song rights. Travel logistics needed to be arranged for five actors and their entourages. “We really want the fans to leave feeling satisfied,” Damon Lindelof, a “Lost” executive producer, said last Tuesday during a final planning session.

I don’t want to take away from all their hard work and slick execution, but let’s be honest:  You can shoot a 45-minute video of Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway making out in the span of an afternoon, and that crowd would have been equally satisfied.  “Hey guys!  Do you want clues to what happens in the final season, or do you want… KATE IN A BIKINI?!?!?!?”

Video highlights after the jump.  Not recommended unless you’re a big fan of the show.

Michael Emerson (who plays creepy Ben Linus) auditions for the role of Hurley:

Holloway and Emerson “steal” the final script from the producers and read the final scene aloud:

Comedian Paul Scheer plays up the superfan role for laughs (via Videogum):

Alternate universe in which the plane crash didn’t happen — Hurley stars in chicken commercial:

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