Four New Guest Stars Coming To ‘The Blacklist’ And A Theory On One Of The Show’s Major Mysteries

Before we get to this week’s The Blacklist theory, here’s a quick rundown of a few casting decisions for upcoming episodes. First up, Justin Kirk (Weeds) plays Nathaniel Wolff, the founder of a movement of anti-capitalists; William Sadler will play Sam, a man from Lizz’s past who is gravely ill and reaches out to Lizz (her father?); Andrew Dice Clay will play Dr. Maltz, a plastic surgeon who altered the face of the latest criminal on the Blacklist; and Alan Alda will play Crowley, who will warn Reddington that he must keep some damaging evidence under wraps or face dire consequences.

Now, onto a minor theory (which is more just a jumping off point for further discussion).

OK. So what we have right now are three major mysteries: 1) What was Reddington’s motivation to turn against the criminal underworld; 2) what is his relationship to Lizzie; and 3) who is Tom, Lizz’s fiance, and is he a good guy or a bad guy?

I am stumped on the second two questions, although I heard one fun (nonsense) theory that Red’s relationship to Lizz is that he is Lizz’s father’s gay lover, which was kind of intriguing until we remember that, in the first episode, Reddington mentioned that he had a wife and child, and that in 1990, he was supposed to come home from the Navy to see them, but he never arrived.

On the theory that Red is Lizz’s biological father, I suppose it makes sense, timing wise. Red’s child was very young and that was 23 years ago, so it’s possible that his “child” was Lizz (who was perhaps given up for adoption to the criminal Lizz believes is her father, who could possibly be Alan Alda’s character?).

More likely, however, I would suggest that someone — someone probably in the government — killed Red’s wife and child, which drove Red to the dark side. This theory seems to hold some weight, if you consider the fact that Red bought what appeared to be a home he had many fond memories in last week and blew it up, because he wanted to forget.

Red’s motivation for assisting the CIA may then be to lure out the person responsible for killing his family, and could it be possible that Lizz’s Dad did is behind the killing or Red’s family? Is Red is actually playing Lizz in order to get to her Dad? Or would that not at all align with the emotional attachment Red has developed for Lizz?

No? Does anyone have any better theories? It’s sweeps month, so The Blacklist may be closing in on an answer to one of the mysteries this month.

In other news, The Blacklist recently set another record for most viewers gained (5.47 million) on DVR within three days of its original viewing.

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